A long story made short...

In 2009, Digital Squids was founded by Max Pool as the outcry for quality software developers lapsed the people able to fill these positions. At the same time, the growing need for internet marketing services such as SEO, Social Media consulting, and competitive analysis was starting to gain momentum. For 5 years, Digital Squids helped numerous companies create revenue opportunities and operational cost savings through a unique mixture of technology and marketing.

A company named Sycorr, led by colleague and friend Jeremy Neuharth, approached Digital Squids in a merger to help provide the financial industry and financial-centric organizations in the same quality software and marketing services Digital Squids provided.

Digital Squids, LLC officially merged with Sycorr, LLC to form Sycorr, Inc in June of 2013.

Sycorr is still the same great people with the same great service...we simply love to help. If you are a friend of Digital Squids, you are a friend of Sycorr, regardless if you are a financial institution or not. If you need help on some software, web design, or internet marketing - give us a jingle!

Our new contact information is (701) 212-1155, email us at info@sycorr.com, or visit sycorr.com.